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Clayton PlumberIf you are a homeowner in Clayton, NC and you are in need of plumbing repairs or installation then call the professionals at 919‑Plumber for your next plumbing job. With nearly a decade of industry experience we can handle any plumbing repair or installation no matter how large or small. Our trained Clayton Plumbers can help you through every step of your next project in order to make your repair or installation an easy one free of all the hassle normally associated with plumbing.

We use industry standard equipment and cutting edge technology in order to properly perform every job in an efficient manner. When we are through, you can feel confident knowing that our work was done right the first time. Our Clayton Plumbers strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. See the difference that 919‑Plumber can make in your next repair or installation.

Plumbing Repairs

Most plumbing issues require immediate attention as they often result in system or home damage and create a whirlwind of other problems. If you’re experiencing a water emergency due to plumbing we can help you right away. Our Clayton Plumber will arrive at your home, assess the damage, give you an accurate and fair estimate, and then work fast to resolve your problem. We repair all plumbing issues including:

Drain Cleaning – We completely clean and clear out all your drains and restore them back to perfect condition. We dig deep into the drain to make sure that it’s completely clear from top to bottom.

Water Heaters – If your water heater is acting up again, then call the water heater specialists. We give your water heater a complete diagnosis, pinpoint the problem and then fix it. We can get your water heater running like new.

Well Pump – Since well pumps are an integral part of your plumbing system, then quick repairs are essential. Our Clayton Plumber will do a comprehensive repair to all well pumps. This includes checking the wiring, the pipes, motor and all other system components.

Tub & Shower – Over time your showers and tubs will need maintenance and repairs. Fixtures, surface cracks and other renovation all occurs and needs to be repaired. Leaky faucets and leaky tubs waste water.

Trenchless Services – We offer a unique method for repairing your pipe system outside. When your underground dpipes burst, become misaligned, or get clogged, we can repair your system with little to no damage to your lawn, garden, landscape, or driveway. Our Clayton Plumber offers a non-intrusive technique to fixing underground pipes.

Water Filtration and Filtering

The benefits to having clean and soft water in your home are numerous. With a complete water system from 919‑Plumber that both purifies and conditions your water your family notices softer skin and hair, softer clothing and linens, more efficiently running washing machines, and of course healthy drinking water. We offer all types of water systems which give you great options to choose the one right from you.

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