Designer Raleigh Body Spray Systems

In modern homes the bathroom is just as much an integral part of the design as the rest of the home. Today’s bathrooms are decorative and very ornate with designer tiling, elaborate showers and stylish faucets and fixtures. Raleigh Body Spray Systems continue to grow in popularity and are slowly replacing standard shower fixtures – and for good reason. Body sprays give you more flexibility with showering and provide far more direct access for cleaning and come with dozens of features, such as water massage.

Select your next Raleigh Body Spray System and have it installed with the pros at 919‑Plumber, Raleigh’s leading plumbing and fixture company. With our Raleigh plumbers, you can rest assured that your next installation will be done by a team of certified professionals that are experts in the industry. We offer same-day ordering and installation, and generally have your new body spray installed within a few hours. When the job is done you’ll have an attractive custom body spray that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Body Spray Features

Body sprays come in a variety of great features all designed to suit your individual taste and style. You’ll appreciate all of the options available to you.

Height Adjustment – Body sprays can be strategically installed at any level with the shower head placed above all the other sprays.

Pressure Adjustment – Body spray nozzles are full adjustable ranging from complete shut off to full pressure.

Multiple Outlets – You can choose as many outlets as you want or as are compatible with your current shower.

Thermostat Control – Some body spray models come with thermostat control for the just the right temperature.

Spray Patterns – nozzles with multiple massage patterns are often available for you maximum comfort.

Body Spray considerations

Body sprays provide ultimate shower comfort every time. They’re flexibility gives you the ability to either take a quick shower and get in and out, or if you’re wanting to enjoy an after work getaway. Since everyone has different levels of skin sensitivity, the water can be adjusted. Finding the right pressure combined with the right spray pattern gives you ultimate comfort.

There are a few things to consider as you try to select the right type of Raleigh Body Spray System for your bathroom. For instance, the greatest concern is the amount of water that you’ll be using for multiple shower nozzles. The more nozzles you use, the greater the amount of water pressure your shower will require. This will also affect your water heater tank, as you’ll be using a significant amount of hot water. It is important that you have a hot water heater that can distribute the amount you’ll need. It’s also important to remember that prior to any installation, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a Raleigh Body Spray System professional to make sure that your shower is compatible with the type of body spray system you’re looking for.

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