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Homeowners in Raleigh trust 919‑Plumber for all their plumbing repair, installation, and replacement needs. Since 2007 we have developed a solid reputation as a plumbing authority in Central North Carolina. Our highly trained technicians can handle a broad range of both interior and exterior plumbing projects both large and small. No plumbing problems is too large or too small for our experienced team. Whether you are implementing an entirely new system into your home or are in need of emergency repairs, we can help.

Drain Cleaning
Raleigh Plumbing Services

Although some minor clogging can be taken care of by homeowners, quite often there are drain issues that required professional help. We can clean out your toughest drains and restore your entire system in order to provide you with smooth running water throughout all your drains.

Water Heaters
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Chapel Hill Plumber, Raleigh Water Heater Repair

We offer you top of the line water heaters from well-known manufacturers. All of our water heaters are energy efficient, easy to use, and will last you several years with little maintenance and hassle.

Plumbing Repair
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Garner Plumber, Raleigh Plumbing Repair

Regardless of the size or complexity of your damaged plumbing or even where it's located, we can tackle it in no time at all. Our service is fast and affordable. We can help your home back to normal.

Well Pump Services
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Durham Plumber

Well pumps can be a major problem when they go back. We'll completely restore or replace your well pump and fix everything from the pipes, to the wiring, to the motor and all other components.

Plumbing Fixtures
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Fuquay Varina Plumber

Need a new faucet for your kitchen, bathroom, or even outside spout? Our fixtures are both durable and stylish so that you can experience the best of both worlds. Contact our consultants today to discover all the options available to you. Find the perfect faucet for your home today!

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Apex Plumber, Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing in Raleigh

Both kitchens and bathrooms have specialize plumbing that requires the expertise of an experience professionals. Whether you need a brand new installation, repair, or replacement, we can help you with every plumbing item in your kitchens and bathrooms from sinks and tubs, to showers and toilets.

Tub & Shower Services
Raleigh Plumbing Services

Have you been looking for the tub or shower of your dreams? Wanting something to complete your bathroom's entire design and look? No problem. Choose the tub or shower of your choice and we'll install it.

Body Sprays
Raleigh Plumbing Services

For a full body comfort experience in the shower, check out our line of body sprays. Our systems are fully customizable and can be integrated into your current shower. The options are limitless.

Trenchless Services
Raleigh Plumbing Services

If you need repairs out in the yard, but don't want your yard, garden or landscape dug up, then check out our trenchless repair service. Using modern technology, we can repair and replace your underground pipes and keep any lawn distruption to an absolute minimum.

Sewer Camera Inspections & Cleaning
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Cary Plumber,Video Inspections for Sewer Lines in Raleigh

Our game-changing video inspection service saves you time and money, and save us the guesswork of diagnosing and treating your plumbing problems. Use cutting edge cameras, we can locate and fix or clean any clogged or damaged pipes without all the hassle of doing it by hand.

Water Conditioning & Filtration
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Wake Forest Plumber, Raleigh Water Filtration Systems

Your entire family will immediately experience advantages of clean and soft water. The benefits extend your dishes and glassware, your clothing & linens, the efficiency and longer life of your appliances, and of course your family's health.

Plumbing Installation
Raleigh Plumbing Services, Raleigh Plumber, Raleigh Plumbing Installation

For a truly professional plumbing installation experience that is affordable with no hassle or wait, call us today! We install all plumbing system no matter how large or small. We specialize in residential implementation and can install brand new systems or replace the old ones.

Reverse Osmosis
Raleigh Reverse Osmosis

If you are concerned about the quality of water that is available in your home, they you should consider installing filtration and purification systems on your property. At 919‑Plumber, our Raleigh plumbers can help you improve the water quality at your home by installing a reverse osmosis system for you.

Water Filtration
Raleigh water filtration

For the last decade, Raleigh families have trusted our water treatment experts with all of there water filtration needs. We are honored by the trust the local community shows in us. In order to honor that trust, our highly skilled plumbers work their hardest to provide the highest quality water treatment services that we possibly can.

Whole House Water Filter System
Raleigh Whole House Water Filter System Installation

If you are concerned about the water that your family drinks and uses on a daily basis, you should consider installing a whole house water filtration system in your home.

Water Testing
Raleigh Water Testing Services

If you are concerned about the quality of water that your family uses, you should call 919‑Plumber for help. Our Raleigh plumbers and water treatment experts can conduct a water test for you. Afterwards we can develop a plan to help you removal all harmful contaminants from your drinking water.

Water Softener
Raleigh Water Softner Installation

In order to resolve hard water problems, you should consider installing a water softening system on your property.

Water Purification
raleigh water purification

Our highly skilled experts can install a water purification system directly into your water supply. Afterwards, you can feel confident that your family is drinking healthy and safe water.

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